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by Gabby on Aug 23,2017 • 0 Comments

A new video of Mandy for Today has been recently posted, and it’s amazing. She was given pictures of herself in the 90s and early 2000s and asked to comment on the clothes she was wearing. Some feathers, denim and fringe were very much involved.

by Gabby on Jul 17,2017 • 0 Comments

A few videos of Mandy promoting her cameo on Wreck It Ralph 2 at D23 Expo a couple of days ago have been released! There is also a video of her going on stage with other Disney Princesses, which is really sweet. You can watch them below!

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by Gabby on Jun 22,2017 • 0 Comments

As part of Mandy’s campaign for the upcoming Primetime Emmy Awards – in which she is a Leading Drama Actress contender for her work in the hit television show This Is Us, she sat down for a conversation with ETOnline about the paths she’s chosen in her career. It is a beautiful piece and definitely worth the read.

“I’m in a completely different chapter of my life, and I don’t begrudge anything.”

On a balmy Sunday afternoon in April, Mandy Moore lounges on a white leather couch in a corner of a bare four-star West Hollywood, California, hotel room, counting down the final minutes of a rare day of work during a picturesque spring weekend. Glam in a chic designer black dress and barely there makeup from a prior event, gone in that moment is any sign of the bubbly teenage blonde pop star singing about puppy love in “Candy.” In her place is a mature, fulfilled 33-year-old who has since demanded the world’s attention on This Is Us.

In NBC’s undisputed breakout family drama, Moore slips into the complicated world of Rebecca Pearson, wife and mother of three (twins and an adopted son), with a signature performance that’s deft and understated in its time-jumping complexities. Getting to this point in her career, though, didn’t come immediately to Moore, who at one point was best known for her pop music and teen roles in films like A Walk to Remember, The Princess Diaries and Saved!.

“It’s all led me to where I am now. I’m happy to acknowledge [the past], but also stay focused on the present,” she says honestly, referencing past credits in a candid conversation with ET. “I think it’s cool to have different chapters of your life and career and for there to be a portion of an audience out there that just knows me from [This Is Us]. I’m totally fine with it because there’s plenty of stuff in the past I’d like to forget.”

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by Gabby on May 17,2017 • 0 Comments

Mandy and her co-stars from NBC’s hit television show THIS IS US were on Access Hollywood yesterday, where they talked about the amazing reception from the fans, how they feel like a family when they are together, the joy of being part of such a beautiful project and more. You can watch the complete interview below.

by Gabby on Mar 16,2017 • 0 Comments

Mandy and her THIS IS US co-stars have given several interviews about the show’s finale, which aired last night. Some of the videos have been released, and you can watch them below.

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by Gabby on Mar 14,2017 • 0 Comments

Mandy was on Popcorn with Peter Travers to promote TANGLED BEFORE EVER AFTER and THIS IS US! This is now one of my favorite interviews of Mandy, and she talks about how playing Rebecca Pearson changed her life, how frustrating it was for her having done 3 television pilots prior to THIS IS US that were not picked up, her love for the 70s and much more. Peter Travers being so genuinelly interested in Mandy’s career showed in the questions he asked her, and the video is definitely a must-watch.

by Gabby on Mar 14,2017 • 0 Comments

Mandy has been promoting Disney Channel’s new animated series TANGLED BEFORE EVER AFTER, in which she voices Rapunzel, and has ended up talking about THIS IS US on pretty much every interview so far. Zachary Levi, her co-star, has been a great sport about it and there are some hilarious moments in these videos. Watch them below.

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