Hello! Welcome to Lovely Mandy, your newest source for everything Mandy Moore. She is currently starring on NBC's hit television show "This Is Us", and is also known for her work in movies such as "Princess Diaries", "A Walk To Remember" and "Saved!", as well as her singing career in the early 2000s. We are not in contact with Mandy or her management team, this entire website was built by fans for the fans, and our intent is to provide the latest news, information, photos and videos of Mandy's career. Thank you for your visit, we hope you come back soon!
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Hello everyone! Lovely Mandy is premiering its Version 2.0 today! We have new themes up on the main site (which you are currently at) and on our photo gallery, and they match! Both were designed by our dear friend Nicole, from nowhereland9.org, using images from various sessions from 2016 and 2017. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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Today is Mandy’s Birthday! We hope she’s had a great time surrounded by people she cares for, and that this new year of her life is full of love, joy and success. Make sure you send her a message on Twitter or Instagram!

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SYNOPSIS – “Jack Pearson’s Son” (Season 1, Episode 15): Kevin stresses about the premiere of his play and receives support from an unexpected source; Randall struggles under the pressure of both his work and ailing father; Rebecca and Jack’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t go as planned; and Toby and Kate learn each other’s secrets.

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Tangled is getting a sequel and original stars Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi have returned to voice the characters Rapunzel and Eugene. The animated film, Tangled: Before Ever After, is being released as a Disney Channel Original Movie and it will lead into the upcoming Tangled: The Series. This is the first time that a DCOM has launched an original series on the network.

In the new movie, Rapunzel’s hair has grown back and she has to figure out how to get back to before. Check out the trailer below, which features reprise performances by Mandy and Zachary Levi as well as Broadway star Eden Espinosa as a new central character, Cassandra, a tough handmaiden who becomes Rapunzel’s confidante.

Tangled: Before Ever After premieres on Disney Channel in March, and Rapunzel’s hair will consistently drag through grass all over the kingdom in Tangled: The Series shortly thereafter.

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the newest fansite dedicated to the super talented actress and singer Mandy Moore! We have been fans for a very long time, and we wish to share with you the content we’ve gathered through the years. Here you will find news, photos, videos and general information on Mandy’s career. Our photo gallery has over 18,000 images and it continues to grow.

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