Hello! Welcome to Lovely Mandy, your newest source for everything Mandy Moore. She is currently starring on NBC's hit television show "This Is Us", and is also known for her work in movies such as "Princess Diaries", "A Walk To Remember" and "Saved!", as well as her singing career in the early 2000s. We are not in contact with Mandy or her management team, this entire website was built by fans for the fans, and our intent is to provide the latest news, information, photos and videos of Mandy's career. Thank you for your visit, we hope you come back soon!

Putting a fansite together involves a lot of work to gather content, such as pictures, videos, movies and general information. We have had help on every step of the way from fans like us, who wanted to make sure our site was as complete as it could be. As a form of recognizing the work they’ve done, we’ve listed those friends below.

First, we’d like to thank our friends Mouza and Luciana for nagging us until we started working on the site. The idea had been around for a couple of years and we didn’t think we’d ever manage (building a site can be very time consuming at first), but they finally convinced us halfway through 2016. We are so glad they did, too. ❤️

Gallery: We owe a huge chunk of beautiful pictures to the lovely Natalia, a fan from Uruguay. We really are so thankful for her help and the photo sessions category of our gallery would most likely suck without the many images she sent our way.