Hello! Welcome to Lovely Mandy, your newest source for everything Mandy Moore. She is currently starring on NBC's hit television show "This Is Us", and is also known for her work in movies such as "Princess Diaries", "A Walk To Remember" and "Saved!", as well as her singing career in the early 2000s. We are not in contact with Mandy or her management team, this entire website was built by fans for the fans, and our intent is to provide the latest news, information, photos and videos of Mandy's career. Thank you for your visit, we hope you come back soon!

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Name: Gabriela (Gabby)
Twitter: @forcrimsonjoy

About: Hey guys! My name is Gabby and I’m from Brazil. I’ve recently graduated in Psychology and running fansites has been a hobby of mine for the past few years. I’ve wanted to build one for Mandy for a while, and I’m glad I finally got the time to do it – thanks to Isa’s huge help, too. I believe I started liking Mandy as a child back when she launched her singing career. I’ve always been a pop music fan and Mandy’s self-titled album is my favorite of hers. I remember being super excited when I realized she was in The Princess Diaries back in the day – I think I had never actually seen her, just listened to her songs (not a big music video person, I guess?). Also, I was a child, so my memory of those times is a bit questionable. Anyway, I loved that movie, and then I loved A Wak To Remember, and that pretty much cemented my admiration for her. Weirdly enough for someone that has fun running fansites, I don’t actually make a habit out of keeping an eye on artists I like, I’m just happy whenever I hear about them… so I didn’t hear about Mandy for a while, until Tangled came out and a friend – who happens to be one of the biggest fans I know – mentioned the original dub had Mandy’s voice (we had someone else dub the film over here), and that she recorded new songs for the soundtrack. Also, a couple of years ago I went through a Matthew Goode phase and ended up discovering Chasing Liberty, which I now own on DVD. Long story short, my history with Mandy has basically been about randomly finding out she was doing stuff and loving all of it. Which of course means I stumbled upon This Is Us a while after it came out, and I am as in love with it as everyone else.